5 Recruitment Technologies to Boost Your Hiring

May 3, 2018 Stephen Brown
5 Recruitment Technologies to Boost Your Hiring

As we edge further into the 21st century and the age of modern technology, we’ve seen a massive increase in recruiters incorporating new tech into their recruiting efforts. Everyday thousands of recruiters are leveraging recruitment technologies to increase the efficiency of the hiring process. Below we look at the technologies you can deploy in your recruitment to help find new talent.

1. Mobile Applications

Today, more job seekers than ever before are searching for jobs via mobile devices. Incorporating mobile applications with a mobile optimized website is extremely important for getting these applicants through the door. Websites with poor mobile experiences are starting to put candidates off as they are unintuitive and difficult to navigate on the move.

You need to refine the user experience on your mobile site if you want to avoid alienating this large candidate pool. This starts by simplifying the navigation on your website and keeping your content direct. Taking the time to improve your website can provide you with some valuable members of staff in the future.

2. Video Interviews

If you want to make the recruitment process more convenient, incorporating video applications and video interviews is one of the most effective ways to do this. Rather than having a candidate travel into the office, you can conduct a video interview over a phone or computer.

To conduct a video interview, there are many different applications you can use. For example you can use Skype, Facetime or an industry specific tool relevant to your field. Using video interviews helps to streamline the interview process and improves the experience on your candidate’s side. After all, travelling to interviews can be an inconvenience for many prospects.

3. Employee Referral Software

Employee referral software is becoming one of the main ways that companies are seeking to manage their recruitment internally. An employee referral system allows staff to put forward recommendations for potential hires who they think would be a good culture fit for the company.

They submit their candidates online and receive points and rewards for successful hires. The great thing about employee referrals is that the employer gets a competent hire that staff approve of, and the employee gets a financial incentive.

4. Social Media

Many recruiters are starting to utilize social media as part of their recruitment strategy, but there remain many who aren’t. For younger audiences like millenials, platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are one of the most direct channels to advertise potential roles.

Currently, only 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn but only 55% use Facebook. Don’t make the same mistake - start incorporating multiple channels. Your audience will thank you.

5. Online Tests

One of the most useful ways that recruiters are using technology to screen candidates is by providing online tests. Online tests and assessments allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities whilst allowing employers to see if their skills match up with the role.

Using online assessments can help to narrow down the list of potential candidates before you start shortlisting for interviews. This helps to make the hiring process much quicker and transparent. After all, an assessment is the closest you can get to measuring a candidate’s knowledge in the field.

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