Gamification and Employee Referrals: A Key Ingredient for Successful

April 3, 2018 Stephen Brown
Gamification and Employee Referrals: A Key Ingredient for Successful

Gamification and employee referrals might not seem like natural companions, however a gamified experience can help drive participation in referral programs exponentially.

As more business owners have begun to implement employee referral programs, many companies have begun to incorporate competition into the mix. After all, an employee referral program relies on employee participation and competition is one of the best ways to drive staff involvement. Without it, your referral program runs the risk of coming off as stale.

There’s no better way to motivate your staff than to provide rewards and praise to staff that recommend successfully placed candidates. In a competitive workplace environment, participation in a referral program can be a great vehicle for staff to differentiate themselves from the rest of the office.

Having employees compete for a financial reward is the perfect way to get your team actively recruiting. Ensuring a lively employee referral program will lead to better recruits and effective recruiting. When implementing a new program your number one goal is to get staff onboard ASAP.

Gamification and Employee Referrals: The Benefits

Make it clear to your staff what incentives are on offer from the get go. For example, you can offer a point-based reward to initial signups to get the ball rolling. Points can then be awarded for successful placements and used to create a leaderboard. Those high on the leaderboard then receive not only recognition, but compensation for their efforts as well.

Your main goal is to drive the competitive aspect of this as much as possible. Your staff needs to feel a sense of achievement from ranking well or your engagement isn’t going to be as high as it could be. The more your staff feel like there is something to compete over, the more they’ll leverage their private networks to source quality candidates and bring them to the table.

That being said, you also want to make sure that those who don’t nail successful placements aren’t excluded from earning recognition. By all means, reserve the spoils for your best performers but consider allowing employees to cash out their points for smaller prize at a certain point. This way, they have a reason to engage in the program even if they aren’t in the top 3.

Gamifying your workplace and getting staff involved in the recruitment process is a great way to get top-notch candidates and cut your recruitment costs. You’ll also get the bonus of staff that feel valued, and an environment that provides stimulating competition. The end result is an engaged workforce and quality new hires.

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