Hire Tech Talent with Employee Referrals

March 26, 2018 Stephen Brown
Hire Tech Talent with Employee Referrals

It's difficult to hire tech talent and for a long time, the tech sector has been notoriously treacherous when it comes to effectively finding new tech employees.

Finding staff with the appropriate technical skills can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Tech talent is in high demand, and there are literally thousands of organizations competing over the same pool of candidates. In fact, 81% of developers are employed full-time.

The high employment rate of tech talent makes it very difficult to navigate the market. However, using an employee referral program allows your current staff to make the most out of their personal networks and in order to find staff that will not only survive in your company, but thrive. Below we take a look at how you can use an employee referral program to help hire tech talent.

1. Use Financial Incentives to Encourage Your Staff to Provide Leads and Referrals

When it comes to hiring in the tech space, your staff are your foremost asset. They know exactly what it takes to perform well in your organization, and they will be able to screen candidates who fit your working culture. Encouraging your staff with cash incentives for placements will helps to motivate them to examine their own networks for suitable candidates. Particularly if your current staff are actively involved in online communities such as github.

2. Emphasize How Your Tech Staff Can Shape their Team

Though financial incentives are very important, sometimes you need to encourage your staff in other ways. Emphasizing how employees can have influence on their future workmates can be a great way to encourage participation. Technical staff often naturally gravitate towards working with low maintenance new hires with sound knowledge who can hit the ground running.

3. Tell Your Staff to Start Networking!

A great way to improve the reach of your employee referral program is to encourage staff to start networking on an ongoing basis. You want your team to be visible at technical industry events, on LinkedIn and technical blogs. This way you’ll not be spreading your brand, but your staff will also be expanding their own networks and increasing their referral recruitment pool.

Keep Your Staff Active

Tech recruitment is a high stakes game, and it’s not uncommon for a recruitment cycle to take 6 months. However, by motivating your staff and encouraging them to stay active in managing their personal networking, you can ensure that you have a wide enough recruitment pool when you get the word out and help hire tech talent. This can be the difference between waiting for months for a suitable new hire, or getting someone in promptly.

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