Job referrals: which ingredients go into making the best one?

May 9, 2016 Stephen Brown
Job referrals: which ingredients go into making the best one?

Job referrals are regularly cited as the best source of hire. But what goes into making a great referral?

This question carries increasing significance as more and more organizations make use of employee referrals as their number one source of hire. And with figures showing that employee referrals are amongst the best methods of hiring talent, with superior engagement and retention rates, it’s not hard to see why.

Here are some top tips for seeing if that referral that has just landed in your inbox is a great candidate:

1. What’s the connection?

The best referrals are closely connected to your employees. An old colleague is always a better bet than your employee’s brother’s cousin’s second best friend.

2. Are they a great fit for your organization’s culture?

Many poor hires happen as a result of new hires failing to fit into the company’s culture. Make sure the referral has the right background and experience to ensure they fit in, whilst creating a culture in your workplace that is friendly and accepting.

3. Have they achieved demonstrable success?

If the referral has a good history of achieving successful results in similar organizations, they are likely to be a great referral with much to bring to your company.

4. What are the candidate’s aims?

As with your organization’s culture, it good to make sure your referral’s aims are aligned to those of your company. If they are ambitious and looking to forge a strong reputation for themselves, it is likely that this will rub off on their contributions to the company.

Taking these points into consideration are a great way to ensure you make the most of your referrals, taking a standard reference and application and turning it into a highly qualified opportunity for both yourself and the candidate.

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