Many employees fail to negotiate on their job offers

February 3, 2014 Stephen Brown
Many employees fail to negotiate on their job offers

Getting a new job is great. From the nervousness of the interview, to the elation of the job offer, it provides the employee with a fantastic opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and start afresh at a (hopefully!) dynamic, new and exciting company.

However, it seems that after the joy of the job offer, new employees tend to let the ball drop. A recent survey by Harris Interactive and CareerBuilder has discovered that 49% of new recruits fail to negotiate on their job offers and salaries, accepting the first offer given to them.. What makes this more interesting is the fact that 45% of employers actually expect their new hires to negotiate a better deal.

Some of the other key findings of the survey include:

  • New hires are more willing to negotiate the first job offer the more experienced they are. 55% of workers 35 or older typically negotiate the first offer, which is significantly higher than workers between the ages of 18-34, which runs at 45%.

  • Workers in professions and business services workers are the most likely to negotiate salary, at 56%, followed by information technology (55%), leisure and hospitality (55%), and sales workers (54%).

  • Men are more likely to negotiate the first offer than women, at 54% vs 49%.

Fortunately for employees, employers are willing to negotiate on a range of benefits if they can’t meet increased salaries. The top negotiable benefits were:

  • Flexible schedule: 33%
  • More vacation time: 19%
  • Telecommute at least once per week: 15%
  • Pay for mobile device: 14%
  • Over a third (38%) said they would not be able to negotiate on anything.

The lesson that can be learned from this survey is clear: employees should not shy away from demanding more if they believe they, or the role, are worth more. As well as improved compensation, it can show an employer that your possess drive and confidence in yourself and the new role you are about to undertake.

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