Recruitment software can help reduce your reliance on agencies

July 30, 2013 Stephen Brown
Recruitment software can help reduce your reliance on agencies

Recruitment software is helping to redefine the way we find talent through the intelligent use of data.

Recruitment has always been a difficult process. With a crowded marketplace of job hunters and the requirement for organizations to fill highly specialised and niche roles, agencies have been providing a wealth of prospective prospects for many years.

However, for many, making use of agencies for recruiting has been a case of using the ‘least worst’ alternative. Traditionally, advertising for a position in local papers and online could prove costly, whilst by no means attracting the right candidates for the role. And to make matters worse, filtering through applications that come through this type of channel is usually time consuming, eating away at the productivity potential of HR and recruiting managers. Agencies, therefore, took the risk out of recruitment through advertising. Whilst providing a more expensive service, it is often on a no hire, no fee basis.

The problem with agencies, however, is that the lack the flexibility and control that many recruiters desire. Consolidating both the ability to quickly get an overview of your applicants and deploy new positions with ease has long been the holy grail for HR professionals. Here at RolePoint, we’re conscious of these requirements, and that’s why we’ve developed our recruitment software to give HR departments independence from agencies whilst also streamlining the recruitment process.

Our social employee referral’s platform has been designed to emphasize ease of use and resplendent design, to encourage our users to take full advantage of its potential. Linking with your employees social networks, it allows them to refer their social contacts for your open positions with ease and through the use of personalized messaging, creating a meaningful and memorable link between them, your company and the role being sourced for.

The added benefit of the RolePoint platform concerns the way potential applicants are targeted. By focusing on your current employees social contacts, you have access to a wealth of like minded people with similar skill sets and motivations. And you get all of this without a single paid for advertisement or commision charge.

Technology is transforming every aspect of the workplace and the way it is managed, and HR is no exception. Recruitment software is giving HR professionals the opportunity to bring recruiting back in house, but without the time consuming fetters that have plagued them in the past. And as we focus our efforts on bringing recruitment to the mobile world, RolePoint are helping to make the whole process easier and more cost effective for everyone.

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