Social recruitment around the world

July 18, 2017 Stephen Brown
Social recruitment around the world

Social recruitment is a fantastic method for reaching hard to find talent that might otherwise slip under the radar. However, social recruitment trends aren't the same the world over.

Job hunters in North America and Europe are used to improving their LinkedIn presence and searching the profiles of large employers to see if they are advertising any exciting new jobs via LinkedIn’s impressive job boards. It’s also the most popular social network when it comes to users of our employee referrals platform, with Facebook and Twitter coming in second. This is not a surprise, given that it specifically targets those looking to network on a professional level.

Things are different in India, however. Social recruitment in this enterprising economic powerhouse, which is proving to be a highly important market for recruitment companies and prospective employers around the world, revolves around Facebook.

With 241 million Facebook users, India ranks as the biggest market for the social network. With 6 out of 10 white collar professionals in India registered on Facebook, the number of top employers using it for recruitment has doubled in the past year alone, with big names from the manufacturing, hi tech, travel and tourism industries taking advantage of its vast potential.

The percentage of talent being recruited through Facebook in India has increased by around 20% in the past year, with the brand presence of Indian companies on Facebook increasing by 66% year on year.

It’s because of this that we are continuing to focus our efforts on providing a great user experience across all social networks. We understand the value in providing the ability to attract highly qualified passive candidates for our customers no matter what their networking choice.

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