The importance of internal mobility (and why you should care)

October 11, 2018 Chava Vietze


Your employees are your greatest asset. Without them, nothing is possible. 


Employee experience at your company impacts more than just their happiness, it impacts your bottom line. Attrition is an expensive cost and it can be reduced if you can identify flight risks early on and work with your teams to increase employee happiness with both their role and with the company.


How do you begin to identify and reduce "flight risk"? 


A major indicator of employee happiness at companies is the availability of internal mobility within the company. Your first step is to understand what your current attrition rate is, and your second step should be to create a mobility program if you do not have one already. Mobility programs allow your team to monitor the risk of attrition, fill roles from within the 4 walls of your company, and start a conversation with your existing workforce to both retain your employees and help them pave their own career path.


So often, employees are ready for a change. They want to tackle new challenges and open the door to new opportunities through a new job. Without a formal internal mobility program or process, these employees may often look elsewhere for a new role without considering a change of role within the walls of their existing organization.

RolePoint can help you achieve formalizing your internal mobility program with its Mobility platform. The Mobility product can connect directly with your ATS and can be used as a standalone or alongside our Referrals product. It gives both your Recruiting team and your employees a centralized hub to engage with your company with greater transparency. Recruiting teams can promote your hiring initiatives through campaigns marketed to your employees to increase awareness for the program. Once launched, the platform allows employees to see how their skills could be applied to a new role within your company. It also allows for talent teams to recruit employees within the company to open positions and allows your team to strategically fight attrition through the use of mobility surveys and job matching.

By partnering with a company like RolePoint, you can work to:

  • Combat attrition
  • Improve employee experience (and happiness)
  • Promote internal movement within the company
  • Grow your company from within

​​Learn more by hearing about one of our client's success stories:


Click here to learn about Jack’s story and how his company, Epicor, partnered with RolePoint and helped him open the doors to new career opportunities and allowed him to flourish in a new role.


If you're interested in learning how Mobility would work with your company, please click here request to be contacted by someone from our solutions team.

About the Author

Chava Vietze

Chava Vietze, our Head of Customer Experience, specializes in internal communications, employer branding strategy, and employee engagement and has worked with over 100 enterprise companies cultivating best practices for employee referral programs for over half a decade. She is an advocate for building a strong company culture, which supports its employees' growth, personally and professionally, and is built around its people’s ability to thrive and succeed. On a personal note? Chava has a love for real pizza and bagels (which of course, can only really be found on the east coast where she grew up. She's still searching for the best slice on the west coast). Every so often, she’ll whip up a Margherita pie or a dozen NY-style bagels in her kitchen. She also is an avid traveler (with 2-continents left to conquer) and doesn’t think the weather should ever drop below 68 degrees, which is why the Mediterranean is her favorite place to travel.

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