Top 5 Best Practices for Recruiting New Talent

February 20, 2018 Stephen Brown
Top 5 Best Practices for Recruiting New Talent

Over the past decade, recruiting has developed into an incredibly competitive industry. Whether you’re scrambling to get new talent on the phone or in for an interview, it can be difficult to keep a consistent flow of quality candidates. Below we take a look at the top 5 best practices for recruiting new talent to help you nail the fundamentals.

1. Sell Your Roles

When trying to reach out to a candidate your first port of call is to sell the role itself. Every candidate is going to have different needs, so you’re going to need to work out the best way to align the benefits of the position with your clients wants. Just as a product is marketed towards solving a problem, you need to market your role towards solving your candidate’s problems.

2. Have a Well-Defined Recruitment Process

There’s nothing worse than agency that takes an ad hoc approach to recruitment organization. A customized and correctly scaled recruitment process is the difference between prospecting quality candidates on an ongoing basis or having to make the best of what’s available. At the end of the day recruitment is a business process so the more you have clear procedures in place, the more streamlined your recruitment will be.

3. Build Up a Pool of Candidates

One of the most important long-term strategies is setting up a pool of candidates. You never know when hard times are ahead, so building relationships all the time is a great way to ensure you’ll be able to headhunt for the top industry talent when the pressure is on. Sharing information with candidates is a great way to keep your prospects responsive.

4. Use a Referral System

Implementing an employee referral system can create one of the most consistent pipelines for your best talent. No one knows better what skills are needed to thrive in your company better than your staff. Incentivizing your workers with bonuses is a great way to get them to source some highly competent staff.

5. Use Your Data

Start gathering as much data as you can to identify your best performers and your most efficient recruitment strategies. The more you know about your business, the better you’ll be able to tailor your strategies in future. This way you’ll have an idea of where you most qualified candidates are coming from, and will be able to inform your decision making much more effectively.

Recruiting Top Talent: Preparation is Key

Incorporating our top 5 best practices will give your recruitment a marked boost in efficiency. The best recruitment firms are always in a state of preparation, refining their pipelines and making sure they have the insights and procedures to get the best placements. Of course you’ll want to modify each to fit in with your company strategy. Sticking to the fundamentals will not only get you a candidate, but an exceptional new hire as well.

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