Top 5 Employee Referral Campaigns

Save countless hours by using these pre-made templates to design your employee referral program campaigns and increase employee engagement and program participation.

Campaigns are the most valuable tool in driving strategic engagement with your employee referral program. We've gathered the top 5 best referral campaigns from our clients.

Best practice for campaign frequency tends towards one per quarter, with companies hiring more aggressively running one per month. Typically, a campaign last four weeks, with a message being sent out every week during that time. ​

Being able to generate referrals for high growth or hard-to-fill requisitions from specific subsets of the employee population enables the talent acquisition team to focus on referral efforts.


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RolePoint Diversity, Social Sharing and Employer Branding Campaigns
RolePoint Diversity, Social Sharing and Employer Branding Campaigns

See examples of diversity, social sharing, and employer branding campaigns ran by RolePoint clients.

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Employee Referrals Playbook
Employee Referrals Playbook

How Companies Supercharge Their Employee Referral Experience.


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