Customer Infographics

Learn how RolePoint customers were able to build powerful employee referrals experiences to boost qualified referrals, participation, ROI, and more.

  • Infographic: Tableau Optimized Apply

    Infographic: Tableau Optimized Apply

    RolePoint helped Tableau improve their candidate application experience to fit their brand.

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  • Infographic: Actelion Employee Referrals

    Infographic: Actelion Employee Referrals

    RolePoint is helping Actelion expand the reach of their employee referral program and with a simplified referral process and targeted campaigns, Actelion is seeing nearly 80% employee participation.

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  • Infographic: Atos Internal Mobility

    Infographic: Atos Internal Mobility

    RolePoint helped Atos see a 360% increase in internal applications within one year of implementing RolePoint's Internal Talent Mobility platform.

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  • Infographic: Red Robin Employee Referrals

    Infographic: Red Robin Employee Referrals

    RolePoint is helping grow Red Robin's talent pool by making it easier to refer their connections for various roles, resulting in an increase of 64% in the number of referrals over two years.

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  • Infographic: KONE Employee Referrals

    Infographic: KONE Employee Referrals

    RolePoint enabled KONE to vastly increase their referrals from a mobile workforce.

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  • Infographic: KPMG Employee Referrals

    Infographic: KPMG Employee Referrals

    RolePoint helped grow KPMG's talent pool by better engaging employees and suggesting the best fit candidates across their networks.

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  • Infographic: VCE Employee Referrals

    Infographic: VCE Employee Referrals

    RolePoint helped VCE successfully high quality candidate pipeline via referrals while integrating into their existing ATS.

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  • Infographic: LenderLive Employee Referrals

    Infographic: LenderLive Employee Referrals

    RolePoint helped LenderLive build employee referrals as a key source of high quality hires across junior to senior roles.

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  • Infographic: Informatica Employee Referrals

    Infographic: Informatica Employee Referrals

    RolePoint helped Informatica reach tens-of-thousands of potential candidates for their company.

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  • Infographic: James Hardie Employee Referrals

    Infographic: James Hardie Employee Referrals

    RolePoint helped James Hardie enlist and engage their mobile workforce to boost referrals for their hardest to fill positions.

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  • Infographic: Santander Internal Talent Mobility

    Infographic: Santander Internal Talent Mobility

    RolePoint is helping Santander build employee engagement in roles to deliver high-quality candidates for internally available positions.

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  • Infographic: Capital One Employee Referrals

    Infographic: Capital One Employee Referrals

    Helping Capital One to increase referrals and generate more applications.

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  • Infographic: Walmart Employee Referrals

    Infographic: Walmart Employee Referrals

    Helping Walmart eCommerce share their values and build a strong referral culture.

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