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Chava Vietze

Transparency and communication are a part of the main pillars to creating a successful Employee Referral Program. More often than not, companies come to us because their employees feel that they're in the dark in regard to what's going on with their referred candidates and feel as though their referrals once made, simply go straight into a black hole... lost forever!

When you work with RolePoint, we tackle this challenge by increasing communication and creating transparency in the interviewing process. RolePoint allows companies to map their existing recruiting workflows to narrowed down list of candidate statuses, which when triggered, will notify the employee either within their account or via an email notification. To illustrate this, we've created a sample workflow that we created for one of our global clients. They wanted a simple way to portray what happens after their employees make a referral and before that referral gets hired. We created just that!


About the Author

Chava Vietze

Chava Vietze, our Head of Customer Experience, specializes in internal communications, employer branding strategy, and employee engagement and has worked with over 100 enterprise companies cultivating best practices for employee referral programs for over half a decade. She is an advocate for building a strong company culture, which supports its employees' growth, personally and professionally, and is built around its people’s ability to thrive and succeed. On a personal note? Chava has a love for real pizza and bagels (which of course, can only really be found on the east coast where she grew up. She's still searching for the best slice on the west coast). Every so often, she’ll whip up a Margherita pie or a dozen NY-style bagels in her kitchen. She also is an avid traveler (with 2-continents left to conquer) and doesn’t think the weather should ever drop below 68 degrees, which is why the Mediterranean is her favorite place to travel.

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