Gamification in recruiting and the social referral

May 30, 2014
Video games are the dominant form of entertainment of our time because they are powerful tools for motivating behavior. So looking at the mechanics of games, and applying some of these principles to our referral program is one way we can increase engagement and ultimately produce more employee referrals. Great games are built on communities of players. They have virality built into them; they make us want to share them with our friends and social contacts. Gamifying your referral process mean making the sharing of your jobs simple, straightforward and fun. Game design is built around giving players instant feedback on their progress; instant recognition and instant rewards. The rules of your referral program need to be transparent; when an employee makes a referral the recognition needs to be instant and in real time. Rewards are a great way to drive your referral program. Use incentives: these can be monetary (a cash reward); gifts (such as an iPad or giftcard); or altruistic (such as a donation to a favorite charity). Consult with your employee to find out what rewards they really value- and it becomes easy to motivate them to make referrals. Recognition is important. Game players get continuous feedback on their performance, benchmarked against other players through the use of scores. Introducing a leaderboard of top referrers has been proven to be an effective way to drive engagement with your referral program. There is a lot that can be taken from the world of social games and applied to social referrals and social recruiting. The features that make games so popular and habitual can be integrated into social recruiting processes. By mirroring the mechanics, methodology and features of the most popular games, RolePoint can build the same level of participation amongst employees as these games enjoy amongst their players.
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Gamification in Recruitment
Gamification in Recruitment

An exploration of the use of gamification to drive employee referrals including rewards & recognition, comp...

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