How Healthcare Companies Celebrate Employee Referrals With Branded T-Shirts

April 17, 2018 Alessandra Williams

Every talent leader understands that their company’s most valuable asset is their people. Keep​ing employees and candidates engaged in their employee referral program is critical to successfully executing their recruitment strategy. 

A happy staff member proudly wearing the Employee Referrals #GotFriends T-shirt

Recognizing top referrers across the organization helps​ ​translate to better employer branding, awareness around the impact of employee referrals, and​ referral program ​participation. Custom-branded t-shirts are one of the easiest ways to recognize program participants, build employee advocacy, and create a buzz around your employee referral program.

"Our staff loves the Employee Referral Program T-Shirts, they’ve already created a buzz around the system and employees are asking how to get them" said Erin Powell, Talent Acquisition Supervisor at Northside Hospital in charge of running their Employee Referral Program. "I have no doubt that this will help grow our Employee Referral program by leaps and bounds." 

​Employees excited to receive the Employee Referrals t-shirt after sharing their RolePoint referral success stories

Northside Hospital garnered exemplary results ​by offering their Employee Referral branded t-shirts to promote their employee referral program campaign, #GotFriends, at their annual HR Fair. "The t-shirts were a huge hit at the HR Fair! We gave every single one away at the event. People wanted a shirt and in turn were willing to share their referral stories." said Katherine Sanders, HR Employee Support Coordinator. In exchange for a t-shirt, Northside Hospital captured many of their employees' employee referral stories on camera, which can be shared both internally and externally to help grow their already strong employer brand and emphasize the culture of recruitment their employee referral program has amassed.


RolePoint provides innovative Employee Referral technology with a​ seamless ATS integration, a​​n engaging ​gamification feature, and ​dedicated professional services. Learn more by visiting our Healthcare & Hospitals Learning Hub.

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