RolePoint & Kenexa Integration

April 24, 2014

RolePoint is now fully integrated with the Kenexa applicant tracking system to enhance and streamline your employee referrals experience. The integration works in three ways: - We can synchronize jobs automatically, meaning every time you add a job in Kenexa it will automatically be reflected in RolePoint - We can track the source of referred applicants making it easy for you to see which employee referred them - And finally we reflect the referral rewards available to employees, giving them much more transparency over the process With the integration, Kenexa ATS users will have access to the full RolePoint employee referrals system. This includes a branded employee referral portal, incentive management, gamification, referral workflows, mobile and recruitment intelligence. Contact us to schedule a custom branded demo and find out which great brands are already using RolePoint with Kenexa to enhance their employee referral program.

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One Page Overview
One Page Overview

RolePoint is the world's leading enterprise employee referrals platform. This one pager highlights our clie...

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